LACOE helps connect students in foster care that need additional academic support with tutoring resources.



Please review the service details and guidelines below before submitting an online tutoring referral:

  • Funding for Foster Youth Services can only be used for students (ages 5-21) residing within Los Angeles County who have an open DCFS/Dependency court or an open Probation/Delinquency court case.
  • We do not service students in Kin-GAP (Kinship Guardianship Assistance Payment Program) at this time. 
  • We do not service students with Regional Center services at this time.

  • Students may be eligible to receive up to 21 hours of academic support with a review for potential additional hours, which may end prior to end of the fiscal year (June 30, 2024).
  • Services are designed to be one-on-one in-home tutoring with adult supervision.
  • Due to funding, referrals are prioritized based on highest need of tutoring services. Students in 11th and 12th grade and students in a STRTP, juvenile hall, or camp receive highest priority.
  • Requests for higher-level course tutoring require proof of coursework prior to referral assignments. E-mail supporting documentation to upon referral submission.

  • Check with the student’s school or school district for possible tutoring services prior to submitting a referral.
  • Refer a student ONLY if there is a SIGNIFICANT NEED for services. Services are based on need and funding availability.
  • DO NOT refer a student if they are already receiving tutoring.
  • DO NOT refer a student who has not agreed or their caregiver has not agreed to the tutoring services.

Assembly Bill 854Assembly Bill 854 states that services are to be coordinated not duplicated. Therefore, if a student is currently receiving tutoring through their school or district  referral should not be submitted.

Before you begin, the following information is required to submit a tutoring referral:

  • Court Status (Foster - Open Juvenile Dependency (WIC 300), Probation - Open Delinquency (WIC 602), Both - Dual Supervision, or NMD)
  • Caregiver Contact Information
  • LA County Department of Children and Family Services Office Name and CSW (Children's Social Worker) and/or LA County Probation PO (Probation Officer) information
  • Placement  type and if applicable, Group Home or Foster Family Agency name
  • Student Information (Name, Birth date, Gender, Grade Level and Courses)
  • Requests for higher-level courses require proof of coursework prior to services being provided

Not having the required or correct information may prevent or delay the submission and processing of your referral.

Referrer: To view the status of an online tutoring referral that you submitted, click on the View Referral Status image below. You will need the Public ID and Token that was provided in the referral confirmation e-mail.

Other Inquiries: If you are not the referrer, please submit a request through the Tutoring Help Desk at or call 562-922-6161.


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