Certification Services & Training

LACOE assists school district employees and other persons in applying for and renewing credentials with the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

We maintain over 500,000 credential registrations for payroll purposes. We also issue close to 5,000 temporary certificates each year to allow teachers and others to work while their renewals and credential applications are in process.

  • Registration of teaching and service credentials to support school district payroll processing.
  • Certificated assignment monitoring of Los Angeles county K-12 school districts.
  • Information resource for prospective teachers, school districts, charter schools, non-public schools, child development centers, and education agencies.
  • Provide credential training and workshops.
  • Credential application assistance and processing for Child Development Permits, Emergency 30-Day Substitute Permits, and Out of State Applicants.


LACOE Certification Services & Training
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